Vegusto No-Moo Vegan Cheese Review


That’s the best word to describe my thoughts as I purchased a pack of 4 blocks of this cheese-that-isn’t-cheese stuff from an Amazon seller. Everything in my body screamed “WHAT ARE YOU DOING” but alas, the blocks of Vegusto No-Moo Vegan Cheese went into my basket & through the checkout…

I awaited this bizarre revelation at home with trepidation.

Cheese, but it’s not even cheese.

I’d heard so many horror stories about sick-smelling (I mean vomit here, by the way, not the other colloquial meaning of the word ‘sick’) packets of yellow stuff labelled as ‘vegan cheese’, so to say I was apprehensive is an understatement.

A box arrived with some small blocks of cheese. By small I mean SMALL. 2 probably made up a small block of Cathedral City at Tesco, at a push. The ‘cheese’ itself smells bizarre, but it isn’t an offensive smell, it’s just odd.

It cuts like soft-ish butter, so easy to slice. The only problem is, because the block is such an odd, small shape, you have to do multiple cracker-sized slices to fit a standard loaf of bread.

Bramarpla - Food Photography - Banangeddon-3

The taste of this vegan cheese though, it’s not half bad!

I added some crunchy greens and cucumber for my first try, and it was actually really good! It’s eat-able alone in a sandwich, but some healthy crunch makes everything better, doesn’t it?

Bramarpla - Food Photography - Banangeddon-4

All in all, 8/10 from me. I could easily switch to this cheese full time, however, at £20 for 4 measly blocks, it’s not really financially viable.

Nice though, but still not cheese…

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