Vegan chocolate cupcakes… first attempt.

It’s my Birthday on Monday, and I needed a cake. I couldn’t find one, but I did find this ‘ready mix’ box of chocolate cake in Morrisons on the ‘free-from’ shelves!


By the way, I was sorely disappointed in the ‘free-from’ shelves, because basically everything is gluten free. There is nothing free from anything else except from some dairy free custard. Great. That’s useful in life.

Where are the vegan breakfast-snack bars that I can take to work with me? Where are the hot chocolate mixtures that are milk free? Where is the egg-replacer for baking? Yeah, Morrisons, in this area, you suck and have made my Lent period of change more difficult. Thanks.

Anyway, back on track, I followed the instructions on the reverse to make a vegan cake…


I was concerned about the taste & texture of these creations, so I tried my damn hardest to be a baking wizard (by the way, I SUCK at baking!).



As you can tell from my bun creations, I am NOT a pro piping expert when it comes to getting cakes into cases…

My mother popped round from the neighbouring county to deliver some Birthday presents, she helped me ice them (I told you, I SUCK at baking!)..


^ Not bad huh?!

So, the verdict on the taste – they needed icing. I should’ve added sugar or a sweetening agent I think, just to make them super scrummy. But genuinely, honestly, they were very light, very soft and oddly fluffy. I really like them!

So did my momma, so thats a win win!

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