Smooju Shmooju – Smoothi & Juice in one!

So, you guys all know that I RAVE about these new creations that have entered my life oh-so-recently… well, today I figured I’d make a scrummy one with a twist. I added lemon.

My raw ingredients looked like this:


Heads up though, those carrots are AMAZING. In Morrisons, they’ve responded to the amazing campaign from Hugh, – his War on Waste, and have added ‘Wonky Carrots’ to their shelves. These are cheaper and arguably bigger/better for juicing than any other supermarket’s offering that I’ve found…


Next, juice everything but the bananas!


Ew. Kind of looks a bit ‘ew’, no?! Now, you can go ahead and drink this if you want, but, if you have a love of bananas, like me, I’d rather mask the taste of everything in favour for the ‘nanas.

Therefore, you then add your juice to the bananas and blend away!


Et voila – all you can taste is Banana scrumminess but you’re beasting your body with a bazillion nutrients. Awesome, right?!


Mmmm, delicious!

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