An honest review of Quorn Mince, from first-timers…

I decided that for tea (yes, that’s dinner to everyone south of Derby), to cook a staple meal that we usually eat every week or so. Only this time, it’d be veggie friendly!

As a disclaimer, this is the first time I’ve ever cooked Quorn anything, so give me a bit of leeway for that!

Here’s a play by play of how to make a super quick spaghetti bolognese with Quorn:

Step 1 >> Stick your fave sauce into a saucepan (yes, we use Dolmio with extra onion.. crunchy nomminess!)


Step 2 >> Add the Quorn (from frozen – YES, convenience win!)


Step 3 >> Stir in and leave to simmer for approx 10-12 minutes.


Step 4 >> Get your pasta cooking at the same time…


Step 5 >> When propper well cooked & piping hot, serve both together with some veggie garlic bread.


Et voila, nomnom goodness in 15 minutes with absolutely no defrosting time, no meat & no hassle!


Meal Review:

Me: Bit bland if I’m being honest, needed more crunch really and therefore we shall be adding some more onion and veg next time for sure! However, other than that it was absolutely lovely. Win win for us. Cheaper than normal mince & more convenient! 6/10

Tom: Tasted like food (yeah, duh Tom), didn’t have the nicest texture but tasted ok. I ate it all and i’m still alive today so that says a lot! Would definitely eat it again but needs more texture! 6.5/10

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