Corner Shop Vegetarian Shopping.. Take 1

I walked into the corner shop today.

I visit it a few times a week, so the staff know me. They know my habits, they know my purchase history, they know more about me and my daily life than most people do.

So when I scurried around the aisles looking confused, I think they knew something was up. They thought I’d lost my purse again or that I was off my meds, either way, it was actually none of the above.

I honestly thought that quorn mince would be next to normal mince. Turns out it isn’t. My bad. The next 5 minutes of me peering into displays and shelves must’ve been bizarre, because by the end I was being well and truly stared at.

Finally, I found my quorn, in the freezer section (who knew) alongside some vegetarian sausages.

Now, I wasn’t sure if someone in the shop had foreseen my visit and proceeded to draw a smiley face on the packet, as a joke, or whether this was an actual brand element:


I’m still not sure.

As I headed to the checkout, Sally looked at my basket with obvious confusion. Expecting an explanation, an awkward pause ensued.

It felt like it lasted forever. I had to break it with “just these today please”.

Still utterly confused, Sally put through my items in unusual silence.

Well. That was awkward.


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